Modelling material

LiWa, LiWa II, LiWa Pro, LiWa Flow

Light curing modeling material with strong, wax-like consistency and very low contraction values. ...

LiWa Iso

Isolating liquids for isolation of the master model against the LiWa material. IndicationsTwo st...

LiWa Form

IndicationsModelationsPackagingWP5090LiWa Form, 12 pcs. coarse-stippled platesWP5092LiWa Form...

LiWa Dip

  Light curing dipping wax for producing wax caps, combined with dipping wax devices which simu...

Dip Isolation

  Dip Isolation based on alginate isolates plaster against plastic and is free of formalde...
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RU Moscow
29.09.2014 - 02.10.2014
US San Antonio
09.10.2014 - 11.10.2014
UK London
09.10.2014 - 11.10.2014